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About me and my work

Kasia Borowczak

Project conversation was created as a result of my personal loss and months of reflection on how I would like the conversation around death, dying and grieving to look like. I talk to people from different countries and cultures about their experience of losing loved ones, wishing to find out how they felt, how they were supported and how it shaped them. As these conversations present a subjective image of my interviewees’ experience, I also talk to professionals who work with people who are grieving to share the knowledge on how to be their tender friend and accompany them.

Sitting on a Van


Project conversation is an invitation to talk about death, dying, losing loved ones, and about the emotions and loneliness that accompany this process. It is a space to talk about how difficult the death of a loved one can be and to learn how important it is to talk about death, prepare for it and support people who are grieving.  This project aims to give a voice to people who have experienced a painful loss of someone they loved and to those who professionally support them.


Let's talk about important topics related to death, dying and grieving while not treating it as a taboo. And while talking, let’s give ourselves permission and space to be moved and to learn how to be more aware and tender.

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